Product review plays indispensable role in online and offline commerce. It became a powerful marketing tool and information gathering. Retailers and manufacturers understand that online reviews can be a threat or an opportunity for businesses.

Amount of online review is overwhelming. TripAdvisor along has more than 453 million reviews and opinions from 390 million users It takes ages to find a helpfull review and spot fake reviews.


This study looks at the feedback engine Feefo to improve the human-reviews interaction in the system. Feefo is a ‘closed’ review platform which independently collects product and company reviews from genuine customers. With an estimated 54% of UK adults using online reviews before making a purchase, Feefo have grown to service over 2,500 customers. However, to stay ahead of the competition, Feefo need to collect high quality reviews from as many consumers as possible, and present them back in a useful, persuasive way.

Review elicitation design report


The process was based on the ‘’ design thinking. The sequence of phases was:


This infographic represents the feedback loop for a customer who reads reviews, rates them, buys products and writes reviews on the product purchased. Here is quite important to understand how some steps of the route are mutually supportive (rate a review - receive a

review appraisal = motivation). This infographic helps follow users motivation.

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